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OVISTOP, exclusive innovation in Spain from ZooEthics

In this article, we explore how the use of the pigeon sterilising drug OVISTOP is revolutionising population control in a humane and effective way.


In an urban environment, pigeons can quickly become a nuisance pest. Their populations grow rapidly and can cause public health problems, property damage and nuisance to residents. Traditionally, pigeon control has involved unethical methods, such as hunting or the use of poisons, which are not only inhumane but can also be dangerous to other species and the environment in general. However, at ZooEthics, we approach this problem differently. By using OVISTOP, we are changing the game by offering an ethical and sustainable solution to control pigeon populations.

What is OVISTOP?

OVISTOP is a sterilising drug specifically designed for the control of pigeon populations. It works by interfering with the birds’ reproductive process, leading to a gradual and controlled decrease in their numbers without causing them any harm. The active ingredient in OVISTOP is safe for pigeons and has no adverse effects on other bird species or the environment. Once pigeons consume the bait with this drug, it acts to stop the production of fertile eggs, which progressively leads to a reduction in the pigeon population.

Benefits of using OVISTOP:

Ethical and Humane

Unlike other pest control methods, OVISTOP does not cause unnecessary suffering to pigeons. Instead of eliminating them, it simply reduces their ability to reproduce, allowing the birds to live healthy, natural lives.

Proven Effectiveness

This sterilising drug has proven to be highly effective in reducing pigeon populations in urban areas. With proper application and monitoring, it can lead to a significant decrease in populations in a relatively short period of time.

Questions about OVISTOP:

  • Is OVISTOP safe for other bird species? Yes, it is designed to affect pigeons only. It has no adverse effects on other bird species or animals.
  • How long does it take for OVISTOP to take effect? The time can vary, but generally a significant reduction in the pigeon population is observed within a few months after the initial application.
  • What is the duration of effect of OVISTOP? This drug offers long-term control of pigeon populations. With regular applications, the effects can be maintained indefinitely.


At ZooEthics, we believe in the power of ethical and sustainable solutions to address the problems of coexistence between humans and urban wildlife. With OVISTOP, we are leading the way towards a future where pests are effectively controlled without compromising animal welfare. Join us in our commitment to create more harmonious and wildlife-friendly urban environments!

Don’t forget that at ZooEthics, we exclusively offer the use of OVISTOP as part of our urban wildlife management services.

Contact us today for more information on how we can help you keep pigeon populations in check ethically and effectively!


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